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Health Reimbursement Arrangements

An excellent way to provide a wide range of medical expenses not covered by insurance


Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA’s) are tax-deductible accounts funded solely
by Employers. Funds can be used to offset Employee out-of-pocket expenses such as
deductibles and co-insurance.

Save Money by Adding Benefits

Employers want to offer the best benefits possible, but many times the price tag on those benefits can be restrictive. HRA’s can help to solve this problem.

  • Utilize an HRA with a High Deductible Health Plan

  • Employers design the HRA to reimburse expenses under the high deductible

  • Health Insurance premiums decrease without sacrificing benefits


Ultimate Control of Your Health Plan

BDG’s specialty is offering Employers exceptional flexibility. We will customize HRA’s to fit an Employer’s specific needs. Employers may choose:

  • Debit Cards or Direct Reimbursement

  • Plan Year or Calendar Year Plans

  • Virtually ANY plan Employers want to offer along with their traditional health plan

  • All 213d Eligible Expenses or Deductible/Co-Insurance Expenses Only (covered by the Health Plan)

  • Flexible Funding Arrangements

  • Roll-Over Feature Available

Included Services

  • BDG will prepare your plan document and help with plan design

  • Preparation of Summary Plan Description

  • Preparation of plan SBC(s)

  • Reporting provided for Patient Centered Outcomes Research Fee (PCORF)

  • Provide check registers for claims

  • Customizable reports provided for Employers

For additional information, please visit the IRS Publication 502 (2019).

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