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Alternative Deductible Finance Plan

For clients that want more than an HRA can offer. 


BDG’s ADF Plan is an innovative tool that allows Employers to customize a fully-insured health plan using BDG’s unique administration. Employers can drastically reduce insurance premium while putting in place a powerful administrative program to shape the plan to the Employer’s needs.


ADF Plan Features

  • Optional Stop-Loss Insurance available

  • ERISA Plan Document provided

  • Plan SBC’s provided

  • COBRA Administration available

  • PCORF Accounting for ease of reporting

  • Providers can be paid directly with assignment of benefits

  • Check Registers sent to client

  • 5500 Information for Employers when needed


ADF Flexibility

  • Ultimate in Plan Flexibility

  • Design deductibles & co-insurance to fit your needs

  • Can be used with HSA’s

  • Multi-Option Plans

  • Various Funding Options

  • Owners can participate


How The ADF Plan Works

  1. An Employer increases the deductible purchased from the insurance company.

  2. The Employee deductible, however, is set to Employer’s preference. The ADF Plan Document structures the plan to the Employer’s specifications (many times to what the plan currently is)

  3. The Employer funds the difference in accordance with the plan document The ADF Plan is administered by BDG, making it flexible for Employers and easy for Employees


Optional Stop-Loss Insurance

The optional Stop-Loss coverage will cap Employee liability. In many cases, an Employer’s maximum liability is LESS than the price of their current plan, allowing for guaranteed savings.


The ADF Stop-Loss feature enables Employers to buy higher deductible plans – thus saving more insurance premium. The Employer, however, does NOT take on more liability because the stop-loss insurance caps it.

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